“Dear Jesus, I want to live a good, simple life… So please give me more stuff. Amen.”


It’s no secret that I want to move to the country. That’s always been our dream. A little hobby farm / homestead on 10+ acres. Complete with an energy efficient earth-bermed house that we drew up the plans for ourselves, and want to build with our own hands. An underground greenhouse with an aquaponics setup that can grow food all year long. A large garden. Chickens, ducks, rabbits and milk goats. Maybe give pigs a try. A large family of 7 kids or so.


Quiet.   Peaceful.   Secure.   Safe.   Healthy.   Spiritual.


The simple life, right?


Or is it?


The thing is, this wonderful dream all depends on us being blessed with more. More money to afford the land. More children to form our big family. More responsibilities with the animals. A larger house with a huge front porch. More tools and equipment to build the dream. More time as a family. More grace and virtue to have the picturesque peaceful disposition. More, more, more.


How is that in any way simple?


I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this dream, only in how much space I give it in my heart. Because, I am LIVING the simple life Right Now!



dada dandelion


Right now we have a little old home on ⅓ acre lot in town. We have an overgrown yard because BOTH lawnmowers are currently broken, but that means a ton of wildflowers. We have a small vegetable garden in the back.



Tiny girl's bedroomWe have a bedroom so small that our king-sized mattress touches the wall on both sides, and only has 3 feet of room past the foot of the bed. Our two daughters share a bedroom the same size, just barely big enough for their two beds, an end table and our cozy snuggle chair.



Last winter my husband got the new furnace installed, but only got the ductwork run to one vent in the living room. We hung quilts up in the doorways to keep the heat in just this one part of the house.



He’s still missing a part for his pieced-together central air conditioner, so for now we have a window unit in our bedroom, and one in the living room. Enter the quilt curtains again 😉



Our armoire and dresser are currently in the living room, and the spare bed is leaning against the wall in the dining room, because the biggest bedroom is still recovering from the water damage inflicted during a surprise thunderstorm while my husband and his friends were replacing the roof… Oops 🙂

My husband works full-time and is in school full-time. I stay home with our soon-to-be 3 children. We are debt-free and have all the basic necessities. And with careful spending we can even afford a few luxuries like 2 vehicles, good internet and occasional Chic-fil-A. Hence, underwear and shampoo are just about the only things we own that didn’t come used, from a thrift-store or craigslist!



doctor visit


Our little family tries to minimize our outings during the week, to keep life calmer. We spend most of our time at home, playing, working, reading, gardening, (often fighting) and learning together.


Comparing this current life to the dream country homestead, I have to admit that… We already have the simple life.


window spoonSo, Jesus, you know that I still want to move our family out of the city someday… But help me give that intention over to your care. Let it take up less room in my heart. Right now, help me make the most of the simple little life you have already given me! Help me find contentment in the kitchen window I have to prop open, and companionship in the constant freeway traffic noise and close neighbors. Help me stop always looking to the future dream home for the spiritual development of our family, and instead look to our current home and make THIS our domestic church, every moment of every day. And most of all, breathe a love into our family so that our home and hearts may always be a place of refuge and comfort for Your Sacred Heart. Amen.







In Corde Maria,


Immaculate Heart of Mary

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