Hey y’all!  Thunderstorms have made progress on the cabin somewhat slow.  The dirt work is almost finished, and it’s time to finalize the floor plan!


The Concrete block house will be approximately 800 square feet.  And that’s for… soon-to-be SIX people!

Yep. Baby number four is on the way!  Praise God for His Goodness! 🙂


So how are we going to make 800 square feet work for 6 people?


Watch the video for the full walk through.  But basically, here are the strategies:


  • Keep bedrooms TINY so maximum space is given to common areas.
  • Use a family closet, instead of storing clothing in multiple locations around the house.
  • Build a storage loft for out-of-season items.


Also, we plan on having lots of windows on the East, for that glorious morning sun to flood the kitchen. 🙂


So watch the video, then let me know what YOU think!  What do yo love?  What would you change?



In Corde Maria,

Jessica Ghigliotti

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