Stainless Steel Hooks

Strong, Smooth, and Attractive stainless steel hooks. These are amazing and I use them everywhere!


Hooks are a homesteader’s secret weapon… especially in a small or tiny house!

When we were getting ready to move into our shipping container home I looked everywhere for a coat hook I could fall in love with. It had to be smooth enough to not rip fabric, and strong enough to hold up a heavy backpack or cast iron skillet. It had to be reasonably attractive.  And also affordable because I knew I’d be using a TON of them!

The hooks I found at the hardware and home improvement stores were either too sharp for jackets, or too weak for heavy kitchen use. PLUS they were expensive! The search was frustrating!

I think I may have squealed a bit when I discovered these awesome Stainless Steel Hooks! Strong, smooth, attractive and ridiculously inexpensive.  I use them everywhere for everything. This hook is a winner!

The only downside I’ve found is the screws they come with. I had a hard time not stripping the screw heads. So I tossed the cheapo screws and screw covers, and used some heavy duty ones instead. Maybe it doesn’t look as “polished” this way, I think it’s fine.