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So, I know since it’s only June, Christmas angels are the furthest thing from most people’s minds!  But, baby #3 is due this October… So I’ve been trying to get Christmas under control early.  If it hasn’t happened by Oct, then it’s probably NOT happening!  😉  I’ve been painting some primitive angels on Christmas cards to have ready to mail in December.  Well, I really like the way these sweet little angels are turning out!  So here they are, in clipart form, for you to use on Christmas projects when that time rolls around 😉

These images have been handpainted by ME in watercolors, then scanned and turned into high-quality transparent background PNG files.  Ready for you creative Catholic Mamas to make something AMAZING!

If you use these for something awesome, I WANNA SEE!  🙂  Please be sure to tell me all about it in the comments, or link to your own site.  Let’s inspire each other!


Free Angel Christmas Clipart Clip Art
Free Angel Christmas Clipart Clip Art




Terms of use: This artwork is FREE to download and use for your own personal projects, gifts, and even blog/website branding such as for headers or profile pics!


The only limitations are that you may NOT sell these image files, and you may NOT place these images on items to sell without permission.  (if you want to use them on a product, email me)


Hope you enjoy them, and HAVE FUN! 🙂
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