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How totally amazing is our God?!?!  8 months ago, we moved back to the Midwest after our failed attempt at relocating to Vermont, with our tail between our legs, a single trailer’s worth of possessions, no job lined up, and credit card debt.  And, while it wasn’t the hardest time our family has been through by a long shot, it certainly wasn’t fun!  We found ourselves leaning so heavily into Our Savior and His Holy Mother.  Giving them everything.


And oh man, have they been generous to us!  My husband has a job he absolutely loves, in facilities at a Catholic hospital. The kids are thriving… But the thing I’m most excited about at the moment?

5 acres of land that, as of 10:30 this morning, is now in our name!



We are so excited to get to start building up our homestead dream.  Seriously, we’ve wanted this since we got married. Even living in town, we had a big garden, bees and ducks!  But now, well, it just feels like we’ve moved up to the big leagues!


The land is almost completely flat, with no trees. No clearing required.  A perfect blank slate. Unfortunately land withing commuting distance WITH a creek was well above our price range… so there’s no natural water source.  We’ll have to drill a well.


We have plans, y’all. Big plans.  It’s going to be so hard being prudent and taking this one step at a time.  We want all the things to happen. Right now. 😀  Fortunately, we do NOT have the money to do too much too fast.  One step at a time.


Staking out the corners of our future house.


My husband is planning on building a small, simple Concrete Block cabin himself. It will get us on the land, and out of renting.  We’re really hoping to have it livable within a year, but we’re limited by funds, so it will just take as long as it takes.


Want to hear an especially Catholic part of the story?


After we found the land, while we were searching for a lender willing to finance it, I was praying a lot to Blessed Stanley Rother.  Well, the 3rd lender I called said that, while he couldn’t help me, he could give me the number of a lender he believed would… Marty Rother at Kingfisher F&M bank.

Yep. “Rother.”


Well, after a few conversations with her, and after being pre-approved for the loan, I finally asked.

Turns out her husband is first cousins with the MARTYR!


How about that?  You better believe Blessed Stanley Rother earned himself a picture in our family altar and a daily petition in our rosary after that!


Blessed Stanley Rother, please continue to pray for us!

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    1. Hi Lina! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out. It’s so crazy that those old pinterest pins are still floating around!

      I’m actually in the process of redoing and improving the birth affirmations right now, and the plan is to release them as a wholly Catholic Birth Affirmation Coloring Book! 🙂 Things are kind of crazy right now, but I’m hoping to have them done this Fall. 🙂

      If you have any favorite Catholic phrases or Saint quotes for birth I’d love suggestions for what to include!

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