So… Want to hear about something really dumb I just did?

As we’re planning out how to build the little house on the new homestead at the lowest possible cost, we keep coming back to one theme: Simplicity. There just isn’t going to be money for pretties, or nice-to-haves. At least not at first.

What this means for the kitchen is no cabinets.


We’re planning an old fashioned “unfitted” kitchen. The sink will obviously be attached, and the stove will be hooked up to a propane line. The rest of the kitchen, though, will be made up of freestanding furniture pieces. (much like all kitchens were before the 1930’s)


These furniture pieces will be things I score on the cheap. Craigslist finds, garage sale finds, and dumpster diving are my kitchen building strategies!  And I’m loving the challenge! Finding old junk to refinish is my favorite game! 😉



I got this computer desk for $45 on Craigslist.

desk as coffee bar


The construction on this thing is simple gorgeous. It’s all real, solid wood (other than the laminate desk top.) It’s incredibly sturdy. It looks hand made.

This is a piece of furniture that will be able to stand up to whatever we throw at it.

To make it more kitchen-friendly (and look less like a computer desk) I decided to tile the top and paint the wood. Lowes has small white tiles for $.16 each, and “oops paint” for $9 / gallon.

She’s starting to look like a good kitchen piece now!

half painted desk


And then I did something very silly.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if this looked like it was 100 years old from a farmhouse?” I thought…

So out came the sandpaper, as I started “Distressing” the paint.

I was really pleased with the way it was turning out. It was starting to look very HGTV.  That’s the style right now, right? Old farmhouse. I grabbed the hammer and a wrench, and dinged the wood up a bit, adding “age” to this desk…

When I suddenly wondered what Mary would have thought of all this.

She would have thought I’d lost my mind! Here I am, trying so hard to make this computer desk look like a hundred-year-old farm piece… when it’s just… not. It’s a computer desk.

The sheer silliness and duplicity of what I was doing hit me pretty hard. This one silly action, distressing a piece of furniture, just sums up so much of how we currently live.

In a pinterest and facebook world, how often do we “faux finish” our life? 

How much of what we do is all for looks? Do we present ourselves like we live a life other than what is real?

Humility is the virtue that accepts us as we are.  The truth. Modesty is the virtue which acts in a way that presents us as we are. The truth.

Putting a lot of effort into scraping paint off a desk to make it Fake Old is neither humble or modest.

But this post really isn’t about the silly desk.


It’s about how much of our lives we fake.

It’s given me a lot of food for thought. I need to really examine my life and see what other areas I’m presenting a fake image out to the world.  Where else am I working hard to present something that’s just not true?

Gotta fix this stuff if I want to follow The Way, The TRUTH, and The Life!


I pray my Guardian Angel continues to humiliate me interiorly and brings me to live a life of integrity.

What about you?  Where are you Faux Finishing your Life?



Yours in Christ,

Through the Heart of Mary,

Jessica Ghigliotti




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