Have you always wondered how to get you whites to shine?  Do you need help ironing perfect creases?  How about folding fitted sheets?


Sorry.  Can’t  help ya!


If, however, you are in survival mode and wondering how to keep bodies clothed and laundry semi manageable with the least possible amount of time and effort (both precious  resources in the baby years!) then come on in.  Let’s look at our laundry routine.



My Lazy Laundress Tips:


1.Don’t  over sort.  It’s enough to have a whites and an everything  else basket.


2. Don’t fold anything you don’t  have to.  Towels kinda have to be folded to fit in the cabinet.  Everything else though?  Shove it in a drawer or basket. Kids clothes, undershirts, pajamas, dish towels.  Anything that you actually  need to be wrinkle free gets hung up.  If the kids are big enough to want their things folded, they can fold them.


3. Make sure small children know which drawers to shove which clothes in.


4. Speaking of kids clothes, sharing is caring. Do you have 2 kids the same gender close in age?  They wear the same stuff.  My 2 year old wears pants with the bottoms rolled up and the 4 year old wears highwaters.  As long as they’re  dressed, I consider it a success.


5. Also, until the kids are old enough to object, there is nothing wrong with community  panties.


6. Matching socks is so overrated.  All my husband’s socks are the same.  The rest of us just play sock lotto, grabbing whichever two touch our fingers first.  I hear mismatched colorful socks are cool.  Especially when they’re mama’s fuzzy slipper socks.  I’m  that hip.


7. Family closet.  Seriously  this one is a lifesaver, and I only have 3 kids!  The family closet needs a large flat surface  for folding, whether a table or, in our case, guest bed. It keeps laundry off your sofa. And off the floor. (sorry spiders. Y’all need to find someplace else to hide!) And makes it no problem to just live out of laundry baskets in an especially hard week… or month.  Bonus points if the washer and dryer are in the same space!  Keep the linens in this space too.  Seriously, you should have to walk no more than 3 steps from the folding surface to put practically anything away.


369547377_445f6e2e128. Install a good baby gate at the entrance of said family closet.  Otherwise the small children WILL pull everything out of their drawers and strew it all over the room.  Thrice daily.


9. I don’t  iron.  Ever.  Well, not unless I’m sewing.  My husband  doesn’t  have a fancy office job.  Honestly, even if he did, I’d  probably  drop off his suits to be professionally  cleaned.  We don’t  buy clothes that need to be ironed.


10. Tiny babies live in sleepers.  Don’t buy or keep baby outfits that consist of more than one piece.  You’ll go crazy trying to find that one pair of tiny pants that goes with this one tiny shirt.  Bonus for sleepers… no need for tiny socks!  Newborn socks are stupid. (unless you stick them in your bra as nursing pads… That’s the only reasonable use I’ve found for them.)


11. Curate a capsule wardrobe  for yourself.  If you own any article of clothing  that can only be worn with one or two specific things, give it away now.  Seriously, everything should go with everything.  You’ll need far less clothing and still always have something semi-presentable to wear.


12. Let go of your sense of style when it comes to your children.  Only have clothes that you deem appropriate of course, but after that, whatever outfit  they come up with is perfect. My 2 year old loves to wear one or two skirts under a dress… with rubber fireman boots.  


13. Oh, and rubber boots go with absolutely anything.  Even formal Easter dresses.




In Corde Maria,

Jessica Ghigliotti

Immaculate Heart of Mary

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