Do you love thrift store shopping as much as I do?

I think picking up amazing, useful, beautiful items for a song is one of the most satisfying things ever.

We just went thrift shopping at opening time the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Man, people must have been busy decluttering!  The Goodwill store was absolutely full of amazing finds. Most of them stayed there for other shoppers, because there’s only so much I can fit in our tiny shipping container home.  But a few awesome pieces made it into our cart!

Here’s a look at last weekend’s thrift store haul:

Cow Painting – $3.99

Okay, so it’s not really a painting, but a print on stretched canvas. Actually, I think it came from Hobby Lobby originally. Now, I don’t usually go for mass-produced artwork.  Usually, I like the artwork in our home to tell more of a story than “Hey, one day I went to the store.” But for Gertrude here, well, an exception had to be made!  I mean, the colors are absolutely perfect!

Maybe some day we’ll have a beautiful family milk cow and I can paint her portrait. Until then, this lovely lady can brighten up our cabin.

Basket – $3.91

This one had a handle when we found it, but it came off beautifully.  It should fit exactly in the bookcase in the cabin.  Pro Tip: Keep a tape measure in your purse when thrift shopping.  Also, keep a list of the dimensions of shelves and drawers you may want containers or baskets for. No guesswork that way 🙂

Pampered Chef Stoneware Loaf Pan – $1.91

Yep. Less than $2 for this beauty!

Mustard Yellow Pitcher – $1.91

No markings and it’s not a collectible. But the color is beautiful, and plays well into the scheme I’m dreaming up for the cabin. “Yellow pitcher” has actually been on my list for awhile. So this was exciting.

Now I need to plant some lavender to fill it with!

Horseshoe Coat Hooks – $0.99 each

Horseshoe coat hooks. ‘Nuff said.

Hand Stitched Quilt – $12.91

This is so gorgeous!  And again, brings in the colors I’m trying to work with.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for the ‘right’ sofa blanket for the cabin. Well, here she is!  And looking at the stitching you can tell it was all hand done. Someone poured countless hours of love into this quilt. I’m kinda sad it ended up abandoned to the Goodwill drop-off dock. But happy to give it a home. 🙂

What things will you NEVER pass up at a thrift store? What is your all time favorite thrift store find?

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