Welcome to my General Store!

Do you have a favorite cast iron skillet? A perfect apron? Do you know where to find the very best clothespins? How about frugal diaper supplies? Do you have an indestructible rosary that your children could literally swing from without breaking?

As part of my mission to support a community of family, faith and farm life, I’ve pulled together a list of all my must-haves for this crazy lifestyle called homesteading.

I wish I could invite you into a real-life general store! The bell would ring as you entered. I’d meet you with a smile and a pot of coffee. We’d chat and get caught up. I’d listen to your needs, and lead you around the creaky wood floor, gathering your supplies. Your senses would be delighted by the smells of herbs and leather, and you’d run your fingers over soft fabrics, and sift through piles of sturdy cookery. Then I’d pack up your goodies and give your kids a piece of rock candy on your way out.

But since the internet has brought us together, why don’t you use your imagination with me? Take your time. Look around.

And let me help you equip your own homestead with some of my favorites.
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General Store