One of the most fun parts of being a Catholic Momma is finding ways to break down big, deep theological concepts into preschool-level words!



The idea of consoling the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most beautiful devotion in the Church.  The greatest suffering of Our Lord is the indifference of mankind.  He felt it on the cross, and He still feels it, every minute of every day.  He sits alone in the tabernacle, constantly pouring out his love for a world that doesn’t care.  The world’s indifference causes his Sacred Heart an agony that is beyond our comprehension.  His Agony will last until the end of time.



If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!



Consoling the Sacred Heart is the practice of making small reparations to the Love of Jesus.  Through prayers, sacrifices and visits to the Blessed Sacrament the faithful try to offer little consolations to our suffering Lord.  A Catholic home tries to be a safe refuge for the Sacred Heart, a place where He can always find love, however imperfect.  The soul of a faithful Catholic tries to keep a small place of rest for the Sacred Heart, where He can find some small consolation in our love.



These are pretty big concepts to try to explain to a 4-year-old and 2-year-old though!



Over the past few months I have been trying to connect good, loving behavior with Jesus.  We talk about how obeying Momma, giving in to your sister, or doing a nice deed for someone is like giving a kiss to Jesus’ owies.  We talk about how some monks and nuns spend their whole lives working just to give Jesus’ owies kisses.  It has actually been working really well!



But recently we stepped up the game.  Big time.



Enter, the Band-Aid



Bandaids are a pretty big deal in our house. Any tiny little bump or scrape is life-threatening unless it receives the immediate application of an adhesive bandage.



We seriously buy these things in bulk online.  



One of my daughters was recently looking at the Crucifix and announced “Jesus needs bandaids to feel better!”



Duh.  Band-aids!


sacred heart


We took a mason jar and together painted an image of the Sacred Heart on it.  While painting, we got to talk about the fire of Christ’s love for us, and the owies he has because He is sad that people don’t love him back.



Then we put the jar on our family altar, right next to a box of adhesive bandages.  Every time my girls give up a toy or a turn to their sister, obey Momma and Dada, or help someone, they can put a band-aid into the jar and say “I love you, Jesus.”  We see how many band-aids we can give Him by the end of the day!


bandaids for jesus



Trying to make our home a truly Catholic home isn’t easy, and requires constantly looking for little teaching moments.  But the Holy Spirit is always faithful, and will constantly show those who ask him how to turn small, everyday things into a devotion.
Even discount adhesive bandages can work for the good of our souls!






How does your family use everyday items to teach a love of the Catholic Faith?




In Corde Maria

Jessica Ghigliotti

Immaculate Heart of Mary

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