1) Indestructible Rosary


My mom recently handed me an old glass baby food jar. “This is yours.” The sparkling glass beads and bits of broken chain rattled around inside as I examined it. I still remember how it happened, even though I wan only 3 ears old. The bed was a boat. The carpet was the ocean. The beautiful blue crystal rosary was a fishing pole.

Apparently I needed a stronger line.

That baby food jar is now tucked away in my top drawer, along with the half dozen rosaries my own kids have broken.

Seriously, all you moms with lovely, delicate rosaries… How do you DO it?

I had given up and resigned myself to counting Hail Mary’s on my fingers.

When my husband asked me one year what I wanted for my birthday, I told him a rosary.  One that COULD NOT BE BROKEN.  And oh boy did he deliver!  He searched the internet and found the Rugged Rosary company.

These things are fantastic.  They were designed for service members, to be thrown in duffel bags and dragged through combat zones… You know, kinda like the average day in the life of a mom!  They are strung on para-cord. My toddler can literally hang from it as I pray.  Actually, my husband could hang from it without it breaking! And the beads! They’ve got two kinds of beads. Solid metal and plastic. (If your kids are anything like mine, go with the metal beads.  Seriously, my toddlers bite plastic pony beads straight off rosaries, No joke.) The metal beads are simple and weighty and indestructible.

They’re perfect.

Every Catholic Mama of littles need this rosary.


 2) A Good Catholic Book


My 2 favorite books about Catholic Motherhood are actually both collections of letters written by moms.

The first, Call to a Deeper Love, is the letters written by Saint Zelie Martin. She was the mother of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower. Actually, she was the mother of 10 children, 6 of whom survived to adulthood. And all 6 became nuns!  That’s a crazy track record!

Saint Zelie shares a ton of wisdom in these letters. And her perspective of her own life is so inspiring.  The book is expensive, but it’s a huge book and absolutely worth it.



My second favorite Catholic Mom book is See You In Heaven.

Rosie Gil was a homeschooling catholic mom who took her vocation very seriously and found joy in everything about motherhood and homemaking.  Her passion and joy are contagious. This book is a collection of letter of encouragement she wrote to other mother, as well as a short biography written by her daughter.

This is much lighter reading. It’s actually probably better for a mom in “survival mode” with very small children that the first book is. It’s short, but profound.

Her bishop is interest in opening a case for Rosie Gil to be beatified.



 3) Catholic Artwork


How about giving Mom something beautifully Catholic to hang on her wall?

There are so many amazingly talented artists, it’s hard to narrow it down!  But I’ll share my 2 favorite.

Donna is a good friend of mine, and an amazing folkartist!  She paints the sweetest icons.  Her Etsy store is Applewood Doll Hospital Gifts. She sells originals, prints, and prints mounted on wood.

Her family is just the sweetest Catholic Homeschooling family you can imagine.  They are absolutely worth supporting, if you choose to buy artwork. 🙂


My other favorite Catholic artist goes by Theophilia on deviant art, though her real name is Cecilia.  She doesn’t have her own website.  If you go to her deviant art profile, though, and scroll down, you can find information on ordering a print.  And she has so many!  It’s amazing how many pieces she has done.


I actually ordered a print from her for my husband’s 30th birthday.

I sent her an email.

he responded with her address.

I MAILED her a check, along with a note saying which print I wanted.

She mailed me the art print.

She’s Old School!


But wow, look at her work!  I am completely in love with her style and will definitely be buying from her again 🙂


 4) Veil / Mantilla


Now I know most Catholic women don’t wear chapel veils anymore.  But… It’s making a come back!  At least in the parishes I’ve been in here in the Midwest.  I’m seeing more and more women in MY generation donning a veil for Mass.

So, if your wife or mom is interested in veiling, or already veils, this would be an incredibly thoughtful gift.

The one I currently have, I believe my husband bought from Veils by Lilly.

The NEXT one I order will definitely be from this sweet little Etsy shop, Evintage Veils.   They’re just gorgeous!

catholic veil
catholic veil


 5) Dolorous Rosary


Finally, my 5th suggestion for a Catholic gift for Mom, would be a sorrowful rosary. This is one of my favorite devotions.  It’s similar to a traditional rosary, but instead of 5 sets of 10 Hail Mary’s, there are 7 sets of 7. While praying each set, you meditate on Our Lady’s 7 Sorrows.

Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, Mater Dolorosa, is just such an especially wonderful help for moms!  She’s been there.  Wherever we are, she’s suffered these exact pains of motherhood, only with more intensity and perfectly.  She will show us how to do this, if we just ask her!

 dolorous sorrowful rosary


There ya’ have it!  My 5 suggestions for Catholic gifts this Mothers’ Day.


What are YOUR best gift ideas for mom?  Leave a comment!



Yours in Christ,

Through the Heart of Mary,

Jessica Ghigliotti



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