We drew up the layout for our homestead!



You wouldn’t think it would be so hard.


A cabin. A barn. A chicken coop. A shed. Throw it all on the land and you’re done!

Except wait.  The barn and coop need to be close to the driveway for unloading feed. The chickens need alternating access to the yard, the garden, and the goat run. The compost pile needs to be next to the garden, and the chicken run, and the goat run. The garden needs to be near a receiving area, for bringing in mulch and the like. The children need a place to play. There needs to be a garden for annual veggies… as well as beds for perennials. Everything needs to be placed conveniently to the cabin.

Y’all, this has had my head spinning for 3 weeks!

and as many pads of graph paper…

But I think we finally got it sorted out. So come along and I’ll show you. First we’ll walk around the property for a minute and see what the space actually looks like. Then we’ll pull out the graph paper and go over the site plan.


Click on the video and let me show you around the up-and-coming homestead 🙂


And then, please please please, if you have any homesteading experience, have pity on us greenhorns and tell me what we’re about to make a mess of!

What do you like about the plan?  What would you change? Leave a comment!


Through the Heart of Mary,

Jessica Ghigliotti

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