Our Lady of Fatima Coloring Children's Book

Hey Y’all! Happy Easter!

On New Year’s day I had this crazy idea.

A great big, exciting idea for something AMAZING I wanted to give to the Catholic Cradle Community.

I got out a clipboard and and fine point Sharpie, and waited for the toddler to fall asleep. Almost every day since then, for the last 3 months, I’ve spent nap time drawing.

Did I mention that the toddler ONLY naps on my lap? Yep. So all these pages were drawn on my faithful clipboard…

While also nursing a sleeping 1-year-old! Yeah.


But ladies, It’s done!

Our Lady of Fatima Coloring and Activity Story Book

Our Lady of Fatima Children's Coloring Book


Read your children the story of Fatima, while they color the pages themselves! There are also several puzzles and activities mixed in.


My kids have LOVED it. We’ve had so many great conversations about Our Lady, prayers and penance. The 5-year-old and 3-year-old have even started offering small sacrifices for sinners! 😍
I just know your family will get so much out of this, and it makes me giddy to get to share it.



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